• An introduction to the US buoyage system

    There is a running joke in my workplace that I am afraid of buoys – but it’s not really a joke. As physical objects I think they’re pretty scary; something to do with manmade objects attached to the ocean floor… but recently a coworker said something along the lines of “oh, Nick hates buoys,” and I realized I had totally misrepresented my feelings!

  • RNA secondary sequence prediction with the Nussinov algorithm

    Last year I had the good fortune of taking an undergraduate algorithms course with Larry Ruzzo. One of my favorite parts of the course was applying dynamic program to approximate a real-world problem in the field of computational biology: RNA secondary structure prediction. I ended up implementing the algorithm in a couple languages (I was learning Nim at the time) and swore I would write it up, so this post will give an introduction to the Nussinov algorithm, along with some of an implementation in Nim.

  • Jailbreak Detector Detector

    I gave my first talk! Big thanks to the folks organizing BSides Seattle for putting on a great show. It was a real pleasure to speak to an engaged and interested audience, and I really enjoyed the other talks and activites.

  • Keybase + PGP + YubiKey

    I wanted to document the way I most recently generated PGP keys to live on my YubiKey. My previous PGP keys expired and my current YubiKey is affected by the Infineon RSA bug, so my goal was to have keys generated on my laptop that live entirely on my YubiKey and that play nicely with Keybase.

  • Using your own hardware with CenturyLink Fiber

    CenturyLink’s FTTH (fiber to the home) service recently became available in our neighborhood in Seattle. After having issues with Comcast for quite a while, it was a welcome change.

  • Lecture clicker synthesizer control

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