Using your own hardware with CenturyLink Fiber

CenturyLink’s FTTH (fiber to the home) service recently became available in our neighborhood in Seattle. After having issues with Comcast for quite a while, it was a welcome change.

When the CenturyLink technician came to install service at our house, he installed two pieces of hardware. The first piece of hardware is the ONT – “optical network terminal” – and the second is a device that CenturyLink refers to as a modem. In our case, the “modem” was a ZyXEL C1100Z. What CenturyLink refers to as a modem is really a router, although it seems that they have intentionally tried...

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Lecture clicker synthesizer control

What’s a clicker?

A while back, I took a Biology class that required the use of “clickers” – little RF remotes that allow lecturers to get real-time feedback from their students.

The Turning Technologies ResponseCard RF LCD

Most students in classes that require clickers will buy a clicker for $50 or so, use it for a quarter, and then forget about it deep in their backpacks. The technology is proprietary, so while the documents filed with the FCC are informative on a surface level, the application was also granted...

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